Shine a Light: Reviewed

Summer roc docs guilty pleasure trip continued tonight with Shine a Light, a film directed by Scorsese documenting the Stones’ 2006 Beacon Theatre performance. Unlike usual, this time I watched the doc not on the treadmill but with my lovely parents. We were all freaking floored. They’d seen it when it came out in theaters too but were still floored!

Scorsese managed to rig that whole damn theatre with cameras effectively making a 2 hour concert film a dynamic work of art. Scorsese shows behind the scenes footage of him and his crew as well, a thrill for Scorsese lovers and fans of his thick rimmed glasses. The film is interspersed with incredibly amusing footage of the Stones being interviewed and mouthing off to Japanese and German interviewers. Scorsese expertly shows the youthfulness, sexiness, and joyful spirit of Mick, Keith and Ronnie too.

Mick shines brightest during the film/show. The camera is mostly focused on him and his positively ECSTATIC dancing. Everyone knows Mick has groovy moves, but you kinda forget how incredible he is. He’s also a lot older now so we don’t expect as much. He definitely delivers though. He appears positively possessed with the ghosts of blues and rock n roll past. I found myself hypnotized by his sashaying walks and shaking hips and also the way he interacts with the audience. You keep wondering to yourself how he KEEPS DANCING. It’s glorious! I’ll admit that after the film ended I was dancing around like a lunatic trying to imitate Mick’s crazy hand moves and airy moonwalk.

The Keith Ronnie dynamic is also a highpoint of the film. Scorsese’s many cameras do a wonderful job picking up every wink and gesture. The viewer feels in on the action.

The film/concert also has some beautiful guest appearances! Jack White, Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera grace the stage and sing the shit out of a few songs with Mick. Buddy absolutely kills and vibes with Keith making you thank god again for the blues.

I loved every minute. 

British Music Again!

Everyone who knows me is surprised by my patriotism on 4th of July. The truth is I feel like I’m pretty pessimistic and critical of the U.S. 364 days of the year, and I like having a day to celebrate the great ideas of our founding fathers and the crazy dream that is America. So I get pretty into 4th of July (also because I think fireworks are gorgeous and magical). This 4th I decided to listen to only American artists (forgoing any of my usual Beatles) for the day. This exercise actually proved quite difficult for those around me and made all of us realize how many foreign artists we could never live without. My best friend, Mia, was TORTURED by not being able to play any Rhianna (Barbados) or Drake (Canada), and my mother was upset that I skipped Gimme Shelter (Stones, England) when it came on Pandora. When it hit midnight (I was driving home) even I was ready to get my British music back.