Moby Grape

Hi San Francisco friends . . . this is for you. I know you miss home because we have the best home so of course you miss it. I miss it. Moby Grape is lovely, and this song is lovely. I think it sounds (weirdly) like love, and it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to hearing a “San Francisco sound.” Moby Grape did have deep SF roots with members of Jefferson Airplane and the Frantics in their ranks. They’re one of the greatest tragedies of the 60s, who knows what they could have become if they’d held out 10 years longer.

But anyways, listen. It’s a lovely fall day where I am in Washington, Connecticut. Orange leaves and apple farms aren’t very West Coast or SF-esque, but somehow this song is still the perfect soundtrack.

To love you would be so good
To keep you would be so wonderful
Here is my heart that I give
It’s all that I have

Please change your mind
Before my sunshine is gone
Do you think you can try?
Do you think you can try?
Do you think you can try?