Everyday since the election I’ve woken up happy to be a Californian. Not only did we as a people soundly reject Trump’s bigotry and hatred, but our state legislature came together to draft a statement making it very clear that they will fight any attempts by the Trump administration to deport or discriminate against hardworking Californians. And we elected an extremely competent and inspiring woman of color to the Senate. And we achieved a super majority of Democrats in the state legislature. Annnd we legalized weed.

I’m even happier to have grown up a San Franciscan. Our troubled city that I doubt all the time was the bluest part of the whole state in the 2016 election.

Living in New York, I dream about Northern California’s rolling hills, clean clean air, rocky coast and evergreen trees.

So listen to Joni croon about California and thank god for Canada too.

You Turn Me On I’m A Radio

This live version of You Turn Me On is insanely beautiful and so god damn soulful. This whole 1974 live album (Miles of Aisles) is ridiculous, and if you even remotely like Joni Mitchell you gotta get with this album. Just listen to her go off at the end of this. Wonderful thing, although it does make me miss my mother’s beautiful voice. She sang us a lot of Joni when we were young.

I’m also putting the Miles of Aisles version of Big Yellow Taxi on here. It’s honestly a lot better than the recording. Her band is SO good. It’s just JAZZIER. And who doesn’t like jazzier . . . that solo at 1:30 . . .


I’m back from LA. It was a truly lovely trip. We went primarily to see the Mapplethorpe retrospective at LACMA and the Getty. The exhibition was absolutely gorgeous. We were also fortunate enough to see Rain Room at LACMA which was totally other-wordly. We also ate very well and saw some sights. Us Californians are lucky to have two cities as incredible as San Francisco and LA. Joni thought so too! I love Joni Mitchell dearly. My mother is a fantastic musician and always sang me and my brother Joni when we were little. California was always one of my favorites.