Shoot for the Spoon Reviewed

I recently left the lovely city of San Francisco for New York to go to school. In an effort to meet people and do things I like I joined a publication called Rare Candy. Rare Candy is a New York City underground publication that interviews bands, publishes reviews and think pieces, and throws shows. Check it out.

At the request of a friend I’m reviewing Rare Candy’s most recent show, Shoot for the Spoon, and specifically Trash King/Helen Keller Birthday Party. Trash King/HKBP played first and killed it. Loie’s vocals were on point, and the crowd was super into it. The highlight of the show was definitely Housefire. It was at this moment that I realized Trash King is HKBP. This was really exciting. I immediately contacted a dear friend from home who’s in HKBP about this realization.

Listen to the track below. It’s seriously dope.

PRO TEENS from AZ played next and were awesome. I got drinks with them after the show and realized they’re also super cool people. Listen to them.

The Spoon theme of the show was also undoubtedly a highlight because who doesn’t dig spoons?!