Japanese Breakfast and Eskimeaux

I saw Eskimeaux play a joint set with Japanese Breakfast last night at Shea Stadium in East Williamsburg. It was a lovely and magical evening! I went with the lovely Cassidy who danced enthusiastically and fell deeply in love with Japanese Breakfast. I’d seen Eskimeaux many a time before but had never seen Japanese Breakfast and enjoyed her set so much. They actually did a joint set kinda thing which was cool and different. Listen to their beautiful music and enjoy Eskimeaux’s funny little music video!

Concert Review: Pity Sex, Eskimeaux, T-Rextasy

I saw Pity Sex, Eskimeaux and T-Rextasy on October 3rd at Market Hotel in Bedstuy.

Market Hotel is a great place to see music. The people are super friendly, and it has cool lighting and fun vibes. Also there’s a big window behind the stage where you can see the subway pass which is so sick. Unfortunately Market Hotel is currently experiencing some permit issues with the NYPD. The owners of the venue maintain a non-profit status because they host a variety of community events and activities. This status is currently being challenged unfairly. It’s an awesome place and the NYPD is really going after them for no reason. It’s hi-key not cool and brings me back to when SUB/mission was experiencing bullshit with the SFPD (for my SF friends SUB/mission was a space on Mission btwn 18th and 17th). Also Honey Hive out in the Sunset has experienced so much bullshit which sucks. It’s just so shitty when a cool small venue has to close because it can’t afford to function the way a large more established venue does. There needs to be places for small bands to play in big cities (even expensive cities like New York or San Francisco). Sometimes it feels like all the smaller-than-Bottom of the Hill spaces in SF are closing, and it makes me so incredibly sad.

Back to the show. It was awesome. T-Rextasy gave an extremely energetic and fun performance. I was only slightly familiar with their music prior to the show and had a lot of fun. The front-woman had insane Bowie-esque dance moves and was super engaging. The music was upbeat and fun and the lyrics were often extremely amusing. There was even one song just about boys who take gap years and then won’t stop talking about it.

Eskimeaux was likely my favorite part of the night. I’d seen them before with Pity Sex at Bottom of the Hill back home in San Francisco. They were wonderful then and sound even better now. Gabby’s voice is so hauntingly beautiful and her band compliments it well. She’s also one of those performers who are able to bring the audience in and make the show experience feel personal. This isn’t easy to do even at a small venue like Market Hotel. During Broken Necks (one of my favorites) she had the audience sing the refrain. This personal style of performance compliments Gabby’s emotional and poetic lyrics. It was really really wonderful.

Okay so it’s partially my fault that I didn’t totally enjoy Pity Sex’s set. I suppose I haven’t been paying close enough attention to the Emo News because I totally didn’t realize Britty Drake left the band. This is dumb of me because I’ve listened to White Hot Moon (didn’t like it as much as PS’s first two albums), and I should have realized there weren’t female vocals on it. I’ve seen Pity Sex twice before in my life both times at Bottom of the Hill (my favorite place on earth and where I spend all my time if you haven’t noticed). Both times Britty was there (obviously), and it was such an awesome show. Without Britty they simply aren’t Pity Sex. It was okayyy…they played When You’re Around which was dope, but I was a little disappointed with their set. I don’t think they should be recording/touring as Pity Sex without Britty.

Even though Pity Sex was lame I left extremely happy and had FUN. Thank you Market Hotel!! Sending luck/love and hoping the shitty situation gets resolved quickly and painlessly.