People Like You

My iTunes is being really crazy and not working lately, so I’ve just been listening to stuff on bandcamp which is actually nice because I’ve found some cool new things. This band from Boston is so cool. It’s very The World Is A Beautiful Place-y  obviously but is super post-jazz too. Broken World Media is an incredible label, and I’m so happy they’ve got these guys. If you don’t already follow BWM and their bands you must start doing so.

But really listen to this album it’s incredible.

Concert Review: Pity Sex, Eskimeaux, T-Rextasy

I saw Pity Sex, Eskimeaux and T-Rextasy on October 3rd at Market Hotel in Bedstuy.

Market Hotel is a great place to see music. The people are super friendly, and it has cool lighting and fun vibes. Also there’s a big window behind the stage where you can see the subway pass which is so sick. Unfortunately Market Hotel is currently experiencing some permit issues with the NYPD. The owners of the venue maintain a non-profit status because they host a variety of community events and activities. This status is currently being challenged unfairly. It’s an awesome place and the NYPD is really going after them for no reason. It’s hi-key not cool and brings me back to when SUB/mission was experiencing bullshit with the SFPD (for my SF friends SUB/mission was a space on Mission btwn 18th and 17th). Also Honey Hive out in the Sunset has experienced so much bullshit which sucks. It’s just so shitty when a cool small venue has to close because it can’t afford to function the way a large more established venue does. There needs to be places for small bands to play in big cities (even expensive cities like New York or San Francisco). Sometimes it feels like all the smaller-than-Bottom of the Hill spaces in SF are closing, and it makes me so incredibly sad.

Back to the show. It was awesome. T-Rextasy gave an extremely energetic and fun performance. I was only slightly familiar with their music prior to the show and had a lot of fun. The front-woman had insane Bowie-esque dance moves and was super engaging. The music was upbeat and fun and the lyrics were often extremely amusing. There was even one song just about boys who take gap years and then won’t stop talking about it.

Eskimeaux was likely my favorite part of the night. I’d seen them before with Pity Sex at Bottom of the Hill back home in San Francisco. They were wonderful then and sound even better now. Gabby’s voice is so hauntingly beautiful and her band compliments it well. She’s also one of those performers who are able to bring the audience in and make the show experience feel personal. This isn’t easy to do even at a small venue like Market Hotel. During Broken Necks (one of my favorites) she had the audience sing the refrain. This personal style of performance compliments Gabby’s emotional and poetic lyrics. It was really really wonderful.

Okay so it’s partially my fault that I didn’t totally enjoy Pity Sex’s set. I suppose I haven’t been paying close enough attention to the Emo News because I totally didn’t realize Britty Drake left the band. This is dumb of me because I’ve listened to White Hot Moon (didn’t like it as much as PS’s first two albums), and I should have realized there weren’t female vocals on it. I’ve seen Pity Sex twice before in my life both times at Bottom of the Hill (my favorite place on earth and where I spend all my time if you haven’t noticed). Both times Britty was there (obviously), and it was such an awesome show. Without Britty they simply aren’t Pity Sex. It was okayyy…they played When You’re Around which was dope, but I was a little disappointed with their set. I don’t think they should be recording/touring as Pity Sex without Britty.

Even though Pity Sex was lame I left extremely happy and had FUN. Thank you Market Hotel!! Sending luck/love and hoping the shitty situation gets resolved quickly and painlessly.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Welcome to my Sophomore year of high school. This band was my soul. I found them likely on Topshelf Records (a beautiful label) or maybe on Broken World Media (another lovely label worth exploring) or maybe on bandcamp. Before writing this I actually went on my old tumblr to check out TWIABP’s account. The band is infamous in our cozy little emo punk community for responding to everyone’s dumb questions about hot dogs and forks. Chris (guitar and trumpet) and Derrick (guitar and vocals) are the stars of said tumblr. They’ve mastered witty and slightly mean responses to stoned internet asks. In my search for their account I realized that they have a legit website not just a bandcamp now, and they’ve actually begun to charge for all their music. I guess they’ve made it. Who knew. I just saw them this summer in a tiny space with 40ish other people.

They are a wonderful band. The first time I saw them was at Slims back home sometime during my Sophomore year of high school. I forget who opened, but I remember being excited to see them. I was standing right in front of the stage leaning on one of those annoying poles Slims unfortunately has (SF people here know what I’m referring to). Three things amazed me about the show: they had approximately 15 people playing on stage, Derrick’s absurdly amazing pedal work, and that I knew the music so well I could sing along even though the music often devolves into seemingly impossible to understand yelling.

I also remember that they played Eyjafjallajokull Dance and Victim Kin Seek Suit off of their EP Formlessness. My ex-boyfriend who had yet to discover the magic of that particular EP was confused when I got really excited by the first few bars of Eyjafjallajokull Dance. He soon realized why. (We actually did some research later that night on the way home about the origins of the song’s crazy name. Turns out it’s a volcano in Iceland!!!!) That whole EP is incredible. After the show I bought a sea-foam green Formlessness 7″ which I treasure to this day. Though sadly my record collection and record player stayed at home in San Francisco when I left for college.

TWIABP has a post-rock vibe in some of their songs that moves up and down flawlessly. David’s shaky, cracky vocals add extreme emotion to already emotional songs. I find my life changes a little throughout the wild progression that is one of their songs. And this isn’t even considering their lyrics. Ponder these lines from “Getting Sodas” off of their first full length album, Whenever, If Ever: “We are ghosts in your homes. / We travel under the floor. / And when our voices fail us we will find new ways to sing. / When our bodies fail we’ll find joy in the peace that it brings. / The world is a beautiful place but we have to make it that way. / Whenever you find home we’ll make it more than just a shelter./ And if everyone belongs there it will hold us all together. / If you’re afraid to die, then so am I.” TWIABP, with the lyrics and the name and the tumblr, borders on absurdity but seems to always be cool instead.

When I was living in Spain I tragically missed TWIABP at Bottom of the Hill (my favorite music venue in San Francisco) in November 2014. Then I was all set to see them about a year ago at the Rickshaw Stop (not my favorite venue but not the worst), but then I had to be in New York for family. Finally I saw them again this summer with my friend Alex. They were just as good as my pent up anticipation expected.

Please go listen to them. Please go read their funny tumblr. Please go buy their plastic silverware.

Stay Young, Go Dancing

I was just listening to this lovely song with some lovely friends. We were all smiling and singing, and music is magic yet again. I really love Death Cab so much and have for so long (5th grade jams!). I saw them two years ago at Outside Lands and again a year ago at the Greek in Berkeley, and both shows were wonderful. My mother went with me to the show at the Greek and is now also a big Death Cab fan. His voice is just so magically smooth and melancholy and beautiful. I imagine that Death Cab is a band I’ll still be listening to in my late 80s.

I’ll very much miss the aforementioned friends, but at least we have music.

Elvis Depressedly: Concert Review

I saw Elvis Depressedly tonight with Teen Suicide at the Swedish American Hall in the Castro. Here is my review.

I really love Elvis Depressedly. They’re just so cool. And it’s the perfect mellow music. It’s sad when you’re sad, but it’s also relaxing and has cute lyrics that make you smile. I started listening to them Sophomore year and saw them at Bottom of the Hill a little over a year ago. I think I discovered them through Run for Cover Records.

Tonight they played with Teen Suicide, a band I listened to a bit last year but don’t love nearly as much as Elvis. Elvis played a pretty short set but sounded SO good. Significantly better than they sounded at Bottom of the Hill (the sound was just a bit funky for that show, but they did play a few of my favorites). Their music goes a lot harder live (because he yells and they play the shit out of their instruments). I love this about them. Highlights: No More Sad Songs, off their newer album New Alhambra, was beautiful. Weird Honey was so fun (lots of yelling “if there’s a cold spot in hell, I hope you get it”). Inside You, of course.

Wouldn’t have minded hearing more off New Alhambra! I think it’s an excellent album. I have the vinyl too so I listen to it a lot. Wouldn’t have minded if they’d skipped the covers or if they’d gone with a crowd pleaser i.e. Weezer or Green Day.

I had fun with Alex though and enjoyed the show. Such wonderful, beautiful people. Music is magic, guys. Also the n.m.s.s. video attached below is such low production value and made me laugh really hard. Lovely song though! Sounded awesome live.

The Summer Ends

We’re all leaving for college, and my heart is sorta broken. Luckily emo exists!

I’m thinking about leaving and how I should say goodbye. with a handshake, or an embrace, or a kiss on the cheek, or possibly all three. well maybe I’ve been wrong. maybe my intentions are irrelevant. but honestly, it’s not just for me. we’ve both been so unhappy so let’s just see what happens when the summer ends.