Hi lovely people. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. Things have been so damn busy! I’m back in New York from SF and starting classes etc. This weekend I was in D.C. for the women’s march with my mother, aunt and cousin. It was so so special to be there with them to witness history being made by BADASS women.

Pinegrove celebrated the march and is participating in the resistance by donating the proceeds from Elsewhere, a new live album, to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The fact that it’s so well meaning and inspiring is really eclipsed by the tracks themselves. Each track feels fully re-imagined live in stunningly beautiful and markedly emotional ways. Nandi’s background vocals are more prevalent on certain tracks adding richness and a brighter color, and Evan tests out a variety of different vocal styles and harmonies on nearly all the tracks. All the songs go slightly harder live but in a notably different way than most bands play more energetic versions of songs live. Pinegrove’s live tracks hit much higher registers (vocals and instruments) packing them with emotional honesty and rawness not always heard on the recorded versions (listen to the version of Size of the Moon and you will get it). Also, often times you hear the whole band joined in a near campfire-esque group signing style that works nicely with Evan’s lyrics about loneliness and friends you love and that weird balance. Nandi often strays from the group singing stunning harmonies.

And somehow these songs, all RECORDED LIVE, have absolutely amazing sound quality.

Spread love and Evan’s lyrics please.

join the women’s resistance here: https://www.womensmarch.com 

listen to Pinegrove’s live album / purchase it for charity here: https://pinegrove.bandcamp.com