Buckets of Rain

We don’t see much rain in California. This is something I have to explain to people I go to school with who don’t understand why the rain makes me so happy. In San Francisco there is a wet and a dry season. It never ever rains in the summer, and it only rained for about a week this winter. This confuses people who think of San Francisco as generally damp because of Karl the Fog. We have fog, but we do not have rain. In fact, I don’t actually own a rain jacket.

To wake up in September and see rain absolutely thrills me. Listen to some rain themed music.

I could only find people covering Buckets of Rain on the internet so here is Dave Van Ronk singing it. It’s not great. Dave Van Ronk is awesome, but his voice in this is not what it once was. Go listen to Blood on the Tracks (the original Dylan obviously) in its entirety! It’s one of my top 10¬†albums.

Rain is also probably my favorite McCartney bassline.