This evening I attended a small show held in a poorly ventilated Columbia suite. I’m complaining about the heat, but in reality I’ve been to house shows back in San Francisco that were FAR hotter and sweatier.

There’s really nothing like seeing music in a tiny little room of your friends; however, I am a first year student and truly know nobody beyond the friend I went with. It wasn’t like back home in San Francisco where I usually know the SF punk-house-show-goers. Or I suppose I used to when I was still with my ex. He was super involved in the SF scene and still is.

Regardless of our newness and semi loneliness (we did later make some friends at the show!!) we had a lovely time. We saw three bands play and enjoyed them all. We saw Kathryn Agatha play first. She had a great voice and presence–really glow/dream pop-y. We liked her.

Next we saw Maxy and the Beefcakes who were without doubt my favorite. The singer had a totally dope pop punk voice and his lyrics were witty and absurd. In this way they very much reminded me of Joyce Manor–one of my all time favorite bands (just realized I’ve never written anything about them on here! what the hell! I will soon.). Highlights of the set included a song about Selena Gomez. The Beefcakes also had excellent bass guitar parts (especially bass). I really enjoyed their fun little riffs. Definitely was bobbing my head around quite a lot!

Lastly we saw Drug Bug which felt very The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die-esque to me. (Sidenote: I’ve yet to write about TWIABP as well which is truly a travesty given how much they’ve moved me as a band and advanced my musical taste). In all honesty Drug Bug wasn’t nearly as interesting musically or aesthetically as TWIABP which is a fucking 15 part band, but they certainly held their own and had a good sound.

And so my friend and I are hoping to get involved further with Rare Candy (the music publication that hosted the show), and to ultimately write for the magazine and/or take photos. Big thanks to them for hosting such a cool event.