Brad Mehldau in Sonoma, CA

been thinking back to this particular concert recently . . .

the bassline

Saturday, on a fine, warm California evening, I went with my mother to hear Brad Mehldau solo at the Green Center in Sonoma. If you’ve never been inside this concert hall you don’t know true beauty. The whole building (seats included) is pale pine which produces a fantastic reverberation throughout the hall. Behind and around the stage is more pine interlaced with deep red sound wall. The aesthetic is poetic, and the design is utilitarian for the acoustics. That is a lot of beauty already, and I haven’t even mentioned how the hall is situated on a beautiful green California hill in wine country overlooking farms and vineyards and mountains. A magical magical place to hear music (I’d seen the alpine symphony performed there and my parents saw the Buena Vista Social Club there which is insanely cool).

Mehldau (as stated) was taking the stage solo to play an exciting combination of Bach, original…

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Happy 4th of July!

It’s foggy here in San Francisco, but it doesn’t matter. We all know that the best rock songs can bring the sun out. So go sit outside with a portable speaker or a guitar, good food and good friends. While enjoying the food and fireworks take a few minutes to think about the Declaration of Independence and consider the progress we’ve made towards equality and the work we still need to do. But mostly just sit back and enjoy some good (American) music.

Here’s to peace, love and a more inclusive and compassionate (not greater) America!

Almost Famous

Almost Famous has to be one of my favorite movies, and without doubt this is the best scene in the movie. Everyone on the bus is disappointed to be going home and sad the adventure is over, and then suddenly “Tiny Dancer” just bursts out of all of them. It feels like the perfect illustration of music’s unique power to unite. And it really is one of those songs that makes your heart so purely happy.

Hi! Welcome!

I am starting this blog because I love music more than almost anything. It makes me feel really good, occasionally mad, really happy, and sometimes really sad. I honestly just want a place to share. I think I’m a bit obsessed with sharing my inner monologue. I should probably start a journal, but I think what I really crave is sharing with actual people (internet people or earth people). So I guess we will just see where this goes. I presume that I will mostly just be posting links with some commentary, but I’m also into photography and poetry and stuff so you may occasionally see some of that too. Cool! I’m excited.