Japanese Breakfast and Eskimeaux

I saw Eskimeaux play a joint set with Japanese Breakfast last night at Shea Stadium in East Williamsburg. It was a lovely and magical evening! I went with the lovely Cassidy who danced enthusiastically and fell deeply in love with Japanese Breakfast. I’d seen Eskimeaux many a time before but had never seen Japanese Breakfast and enjoyed her set so much. They actually did a joint set kinda thing which was cool and different. Listen to their beautiful music and enjoy Eskimeaux’s funny little music video!

Leonard Cohen

My heart hurts so much right now. Two days ago Donald Trump was elected president, and today Leonard Cohen died. I feel pretty confident that Trump’s election killed him, death by broken heart. And my heart is so damn broken, but we will fight for each other’s rights, safety and for love, always for love. We have music to feed our soul and heal us during times like these.

Thank you Leonard for your songs. They make us stronger.