Buckets of Rain

We don’t see much rain in California. This is something I have to explain to people I go to school with who don’t understand why the rain makes me so happy. In San Francisco there is a wet and a dry season. It never ever rains in the summer, and it only rained for about a week this winter. This confuses people who think of San Francisco as generally damp because of Karl the Fog. We have fog, but we do not have rain. In fact, I don’t actually own a rain jacket.

To wake up in September and see rain absolutely thrills me. Listen to some rain themed music.

I could only find people covering Buckets of Rain on the internet so here is Dave Van Ronk singing it. It’s not great. Dave Van Ronk is awesome, but his voice in this is not what it once was. Go listen to Blood on the Tracks (the original Dylan obviously) in its entirety! It’s one of my top 10 albums.

Rain is also probably my favorite McCartney bassline.

After Hours

My lovely, old car only takes CDs. No aux cable, no tape deck that could become an aux cable, no fancy satellite radio. I drive quite a lot, and so I know the CDs that are in my car extremely well. I have Neutral Milk, Wilco, Joni Mitchell, LOTS of Dylan, some Clash, and, of course, the Velvet Underground’s self titled album. This song never fails to surprise me at the end of the album even though I, of course, know it’s coming. In fact I wait for it with excited anticipation. Enjoy it before bed. It always makes me smile, and I hope it does the same for you.

I’m Looking Through You

Conceivably my all time favorite song. Seriously. I only wish it was like 3 minutes longer.

I got Don McCullin’s A Day in the Life of the Beatles photo book today for an excellent price at Green Apple (the best bookstore in San Francisco). So I thought I ought to post some Beatles.

This song rang so true to me when I had to break up with my exboyfriend, and I listened to it nonstop. It’s so nice when you’re dealing with weird, complicated, difficult feelings to know Sir Paul gets it.

You’re thinking of me, the same old way
You were above me, but not today
The only difference is you’re down there
I’m looking through you, and you’re nowhere

Why, tell me why, did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight

I’m looking through you, where did you go
I thought I knew you, what did I know
You don’t look different, but you have changed
I’m looking through you, you’re not the same

Oh baby I’m changed
Ah I’m looking through you
Yeah I’m looking through you

Morning Track

I love Wilco so dearly, and this song makes me happy.

I left you behind I know its been along time, but I’m not over you
Don’t forget the flowers someday, I hope I do
You’re tryin’ my patience, try pink carnations, red roses and yellow
Don’t forget the flowers someday
I know I will
Don’t forget the flowers someday, I know I will

Reading the lyrics I realized it’s actually kinda sad.