SALES is wonderful . . . this song is wonderful . . . please enjoy with a glass of champagne.

2016 wasn’t so wonderful for the world. I started college and graduated from SFUHS which was wonderful, but I can’t help but focus on the election of a fascist to the highest office of the US govt. For all the upsetting things that happened in 2016 (pulse, Aleppo, Trump, the many many shootings of unarmed young black men by cops, the many many other shootings of innocent people by people who shouldn’t have guns . . .) there are actions we can take to try and be better personally and also to better the world. Give to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood, call your congressperson about issues you think are important, stay informed and read quality journalism (this blog does not count), and above all treat others with kindness and love one another.

During Pinegrove’s show at Irving Plaza Evan talked about how their songs are principally about love and how he’s hopeful that each person singing along to his lyrics follows their message and lives a life of love not hate. On a slightly different but related note, music is always what heals me when I’m hurting. When things become overwhelming and shitty put on a record. And do what Evan said. Learn to be better from the music you listen to. Listen to the lyrics, think critically. Hopefully sometimes reading this blog and listening to the content I share with you makes you feel and live a little bit better.

I’m sending you absolutely all my love for the New Year. Let’s make it great, we have the power don’t forget it!

Concert Review: SALES, Harmony Tividad

I saw SALES with Harmony Tividad and Chaos Chaos at Villian in Williamsburg on October 12th.

I actually arrived late and did not see Chaos Chaos which was too bad because I listened to them before the show and quite enjoyed them. I did see Harmony which was lovely; however, having seen Girlpool before, I wasn’t super into it. Girlpool is super fun (I saw them ~a year ago at Slims), but Harmony solo lacked the same energy.

Villian was super cool. Very hip, warehouse-y, BK vibe. Perhaps in danger of being too hip. It’s a great space for music though. The sound was so good for SALES. They have speakers rigged up all over the room–a very good system and sound guy.

SALES was SO good. I was amazed to see they really play with just two guitars and drums. It’s a very stripped down sound that lets Lauren’s insanely stunning voice shine. They played basically all of their music + more. So very cool. Lauren was a very engaging performer and joked around with us. The crowd was also super into it and after SALES played their last song you could just feel that no one had had enough so they just jammed super hard. So lovely.