Everyday since the election I’ve woken up happy to be a Californian. Not only did we as a people soundly reject Trump’s bigotry and hatred, but our state legislature came together to draft a statement making it very clear that they will fight any attempts by the Trump administration to deport or discriminate against hardworking Californians. And we elected an extremely competent and inspiring woman of color to the Senate. And we achieved a super majority of Democrats in the state legislature. Annnd we legalized weed.

I’m even happier to have grown up a San Franciscan. Our troubled city that I doubt all the time was the bluest part of the whole state in the 2016 election.

Living in New York, I dream about Northern California’s rolling hills, clean clean air, rocky coast and evergreen trees.

So listen to Joni croon about California and thank god for Canada too.

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