Talking Heads are actually my super cool dad’s all time favorite band, and so I very much grew up begging to here Psycho Killer one more time. I thought that song along with Burning Down the House were the best songs in the history of the universe. The first concert I really remember was actually David Byrne at the Greek in Berkeley (my actual first concert was Bob Freaking Dylan in Italy when I was one). It was an awesome show. My little brother and I danced with all the old Berkeley hippies, and it felt like the greatest thing ever. I think that show was likely when I caught the concert bug.

Talking Heads are also one of my favorite bands, and David Byrne one of my favorite musicians and people. I knew how brilliant their music was but seeing Stop Making Sense still took it over the edge for me. Some of those versions of Talking Heads songs will always be my favorites (funny story my ex-boyfriend had the Stop Making Sense CD and literally only knew those versions of the songs and was confused when I played the originals). Anyways enjoy a few of my favorites:

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