2 thoughts on “Obvious Bicycle

  1. Really nice tune! It has a modern sound…the ubiquitous choral sheen of optimism, but the sad clicky recorded-in-a-cardboard-box sound.

    It has a coolness to it. Like Oxford or Cambridge. Barely pushing air like Belle and Sebastian. So a lot of hushed production.

    The voice samples are really special. They cut like strings. But so tucked into the mix. So deft…that it’s hard to tell the sampled from the labored performance. It’s all rather understated.

    And the piano. Sounds like an upright of no great quality. Warm. Run through the spinning speaker of a Leslie cabinet. Reamped. Or through a tremolo program…maybe an Eventide H3000.

    The bit at the end has a wonderful naïveté about it. A sort of waltz out of nowhere. Reminds me of Van Dyke Parks’ Song Cycle.



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