British Music Again!

Everyone who knows me is surprised by my patriotism on 4th of July. The truth is I feel like I’m pretty pessimistic and critical of the U.S. 364 days of the year, and I like having a day to celebrate the great ideas of our founding fathers and the crazy dream that is America. So I get pretty into 4th of July (also because I think fireworks are gorgeous and magical). This 4th I decided to listen to only American artists (forgoing any of my usual Beatles) for the day. This exercise actually proved quite difficult for those around me and made all of us realize how many foreign artists we could never live without. My best friend, Mia, was TORTURED by not being able to play any Rhianna (Barbados) or Drake (Canada), and my mother was upset that I skipped Gimme Shelter (Stones, England) when it came on Pandora. When it hit midnight (I was driving home) even I was ready to get my British music back.

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