At risk of being labeled just another Beatles blog I am naming my blog after a Beatles lyric and making my first real post about the Beatles. To be fair “nothing to get hung about” is simply a great lyric, and I just happening to be listening to Sexy Sadie. What are you going to do?

Anyways, the Beatles are essentially the soundtrack to my life as they are for a lot of people. My mom always liked to contend that she liked the Stones better, but it was always pretty clear to me as a kid that the Beatles are both my parents favorite band. Oh also I’m Only Sleeping just came on. So good. And so I grew up listening to the Beatles, notably Yellow Submarine, Ob-la-Di, ob-la-Da and all of Sgt. Pepper’s. Until I was like five, and then I listened to everything.

But I want to talk about the Beatles being my 24 hour soundtrack not my 18 year soundtrack.

John, Paul, George and Ringo have given us songs perfect for every minute of the day. I’ll Follow the Sun for sunset, I Will for super late night weird sad emotions, I’m Happy Just to Dance With You for that 1:15am sudden burst of energy. Clearly I’m a night person. But I’m  Looking Through You is perfect for afternoon, Eight Days a Week for morning, and Got to Get You Into my Life for midday. Countless more examples also exist of course.

I’m not sure how they figured out a song for every little degree the earth spins on its axis, but I’m really fucking grateful.

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